Hi friends!

I recently teamed up with up and coming songwriter/singer Kaylyn Taylor to write a new song set to a traditional Christian poem.  It’s called I Sought The Lord.  The mp3 and sheet music are now available.  I hope you enjoy this heartfelt performance, sung by Kaylyn.

Check out my music on various internet streaming sites, including Pandora, Spotify (solo piano), Spotify (inspirational), and iTunes Radio channel!

Another summer of EFY about to start with another 30,000+ youth singing the EFY Medley.  I recently put together a new video showing the EFY Medley being performed all around the world – in 23 countries on 6 continents, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the EFY Medley.  I’m excited to now have a “Guestbook” to sign for those of you who have performed the EFY Medley somewhere in the world, whether you performed it in Utah or Malaysia or anywhere else.  Sign it and let’s make a big list of everywhere the EFY Medley has gone!


I recently recorded a new original instrumental composition inspired by my time playing piano at Huntsman Cancer Institute.  It’s called I Have This MomentGive it a listen!

I did an interview with YourLDSBlog.com where they asked questions that revealed strange answers about beekeeping and marimbas. :)  Check it out!

I’ve had requests over the years for various instrumental parts for the EFY Medley: As Sisters In Zion & We’ll Bring the World His Truth. I’ve finally scanned the original studio session parts and made them available here.